Non Woven Geo Textile

Non Woven Geo Textile Manufacturers in Kolkata

Non Woven Geo Textile

Non-woven geotextile is a type of synthetic fabric made from polymer fibers that are mechanically or thermally bonded together to create a stable and porous material. It is commonly used in civil engineering, construction, and environmental projects to provide soil stabilization, filtration, drainage, separation, and erosion control.

Key features and uses of non-woven geotextile include:

Filtration: Non-woven geotextile acts as a filter that allows water to pass through while preventing the movement of fine soil particles. It is often used in drainage applications to prevent clogging of drainage systems and maintain water flow.

Separation: Non-woven geotextile is used to separate different soil layers with varying characteristics. It prevents the mixing of these layers, ensuring the stability and performance of the engineered structure.