Concertina Wire

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Concertina Wire

Concertina wire, also known as razor wire, is a type of fencing material designed for high-security applications. It consists of sharp-edged metal strips or wires that are closely spaced and intertwined to form a continuous, helical coil. Concertina wire is commonly used as a deterrent against trespassing, intrusions, and unauthorized access in various settings, including military installations, prisons, border areas, and other sensitive locations.

Key features and characteristics of concertina wire include:

Security: Concertina wire is known for its formidable security capabilities. The sharp-edged barbs or blades along its length act as a strong deterrent to potential intruders, making it difficult to breach or climb over the fence.

High Visibility: Concertina wire's distinctive appearance and sharp edges make it highly visible, further deterring individuals from attempting to breach the fence.